Reilsono Coaching & Consulting

Because of my experience as a Baseball coach, General Manager of a Professional baseball
Scouting Co. owner of several businesses as well as being an author, TV & podcast host, I feel that I
have the knowledge, passion and the way to communicate my thoughts on Leadership, Team
Building, Building a Positive, Winning Culture as well as Motivation. I would like to share my
experiences with you. I am confident that I can help your team, your company and You go to the
next level. These are experiences that were not “Studied” but were “Lived” Let me show you &
your company how to “Go from where you are to where you want to be.”
We will discuss:

  1. How to create a Positive, Winning Culture “Your team will not care how much you know
    until the know how much you care”
  2. “How to make Emotional Adjustments”
  3. Accountability. Not only from your team but from you..the Leader
  4. “Huddle Up” Appropriate Meetings
  5. Keeping the Overhead Low so the Bottom line is High
  6. Team Building- “‘The 3 Most important things in Real Estate are: 1. Good Location, 2. Good
    Location, 3. Good Location. The 3 Most important things in Business and really in life are: 1. Good People, 2. Good People, 3. Good People.”
  7. How to achieve success? “One Bite at a Time”
  8. “If we all pull the same rope at the same time in the same direction for the same purpose we
    will get a Special result”
  9. “You can Do more… You can Always Do more” -Dan Marino. “Keep Accomplishing” – Claudio Reilsono
  10. “Lead from the Heart up, Not the Neck up”

“It has been my great pleasure to get to know Claudio both on a personal and professional level. He is a sincere and driven individual who connects quickly with people. We hired Claudio to speak to our managers and supervisors. His understanding of business and how it relates to teamwork was spot on. Our people connected with Claudio and his examples on how to get your teams to perform at a high level. I would recommend Claudio if you are looking to improve your team work within departments, Individuals and or your company.”

Timothy Carrico
Region President PFG