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Hitting instruction is offered in the form of camps and individual/team lessons. To register for a camp, go to www.paramountscouting.com, click on event and use paypal. To schedule individual or team lessons, call me at 412-443-4288. Questions can also be directed towards me via phone or email.

Hitting Camps:

2016 hitting camp info is coming soon- stay posted!


 ” My goal is for you to be a great, consistent line drive hitter with no holes in your swing. When you come up to bat, I don’t want the coach/pitcher/catcher/scout to say

  • “Can’t hit the outside pitch”
  • “Can’t hit the inside pitch”
  • “Off balance”
  • “No power”
  • “Pop up hitter..uppercuts”

*  There is no cloning.
* I will work with how you feel natural. If we have to tweak we tweak.

Our staff will talk about:

Should you be ” rotational or Linear?


– To squash the bug or not? You can squash the bug but I will show how it is supposed to be taught..not the way its taught.
– I will talk about back foot up or a drag. All three are good as long as its what the hitter does naturally

***  Weight Shift. I feel in any physical activity you do, to get the most out of your body there should be a weight shift. A ” Back to front” Will talk about and teach ” Lineartation”

—The importance of the front foot. How you land on it and how you must keep it closed. The three “closed” postions will be shown and discussed.

** I will talk about the philosophies that are out there and prove each wrong.

– ” Trigger Step” Start..Stop…start swing again. Momentum lost..power lost..cutting plate in half

– ” Vertical explosion” Massive uppercut. More strike outs..more pop ups..cutting plate in half

– ” The rolling the hands..land the bat by the collarbone then point the bat back at the pitcher” Prove that a joke.  Slower time out of box..more pop ups..cutting plate in half

– ” Wide base and no step” Lose power..cutting plate in half..can’t adjust to insdie pitch or outside pitch..twisting into the ball

– ” Step up step down” No weight distribution. Loss of power..Hole on the outside part of the plate. Twisiting..will fly open more and lose power

-” Lung at the ball and finish high” Making the ball move more than it should. Can’t make adjustments to pitches because you have committed. Making the ball come in faster than it already is by jumping at it. More flies. Lose power.

– ” Hitting your back with the bat” ( SOFTBALL) Swinging across, cutting plate in half..plus it hurts your back! makes no sense

– ” Regular base but no step” Cutting plate in half..only hitting inside pitch..More holes in your swing

– ” The bat must come back as fast after the swing as it does during” I don’t get this one at all


All of these ” Philosophies” are to correct a certain problem in a swing. BUT what it really does is it MIGHT , MAYBE fix a certain problem but there will be side effects. Meaning you MIGHT fix one problem but you will open yourself up to several others.


Look at it this way, my ” 3 Set’s of Must’s” are a cure for any problem you may have in hitting.

Our Staff will  cover:

” The 3 sets of Musts” to successful hitting. This  ” Common Sense Approach” will help you becomne a better hitter.

** There will be tweaks to be made (if needed)  and other things to look for.

– Are they stepping and delaying prior to swing?
– Are they upper cutting
– Are they flying open
– Do they have a hitch?
– Is the bat traveling too far to get to the ball? Wrapping?
– How is their stance?
– Are they getting the most power out of their body
– Are they following through properly?
– Is the “bat dominating the ball” or is the “ball dominating the bat”?
– Are they tracking the ball well
– Are they distributing their weight properly or are they just twisting/rotating only?
– Are they ” Violent through the strike zone”?
– Are they ” Minimum wage hitting” (Just making contact is the goal)
– Rotational or Linear?



** Soft toss
** Tee work
** ” Throwing the bat”
** Live pitching