Online Hitting Lessons

Online Hitting Lessons

I have a passion for teaching hitting. I do many lessons here in the Pittsburgh area… now I want to do lessons with YOU! This is why I am offering “Reilsono Online Hitting”. We can still do lessons together, even though we are not able to meet (see below for the format).

I am very confident that I can help the player (Baseball or Softball) become a better hitter. I do not “clone” hitters, nor do I make them do whatever the “new in thing” is in hitting. I have a very basic, “common-sense” approach to hitting that I am confident will be helpful to any player.


Package #1: Per-Lesson

Cost: $50.00

  • (1) Video Evaluation (sent through email)
  • (1) Phone Conversation
  • Feedback contact

Package #2: One-Year Membership

Cost: $350.00

  • Unlimited access to me
  • Phone calls, texts, emails, videos


Payment must be recieved before evaluation gets sent out. Paypal and checks are acceptable. With a check, evaluation will be returned upon reciept. Pay to:

Claudio Reilsono Enterprises
349 Chestnut st.
Sewickley, PA 15143

  • Game footage and BP video
  • You will recieve feedback/response from me within 48 hours


  1. I would like 4 angle shots- Camera facing behind the batter (behind catcher), facing backside (behind his/her back), facing chest, facing in front of the batter (camera behind the screen).
    If possible, I would like game footage and practice footage.
    I understand game footage can be limiting, so whatever angle you can get is good.
  2. Send footage to my email ( or through a YouTube link
  3. I evaluate. I will send info back through email
  4. We have a phone call and go over video & written evaluation.